How to make your Christmas table look amazing by Ronny Colbie

  • It’s the place you spend the most time around at Christmas so it should look amazing! So many of my friends struggle at find in-expensive, chic ways to dress their table at Christmas so I have broken down 6 easy steps, plus a little something extra (don’t forget the napkins!) to make your life a little easier and little more elegant this Christmas. What is great about these is that it should cost less than £20 to create and can be adapted to your personal taste and events. I hope you enjoy, please share your images on instagram, I would love to see your own table creations!


  • Floral oasis – You can purchase this on amazon or at garden centres
  • Craft wire – You can pick this up at any garden centre, art shop or DIY store if you don’t already have some hanging around!
  • Scissors
  • Wooden craft sticks or wooden skewers
  • A pack of inexpensive Christmas baubles – Honestly if they are plain and sparkly, the pound shop will do!
  • Full foliage such as pine cut to around 15cm
  • Some mixed foliage – we went for metallic sprayed leaves which you can get at most flower stalls this time of year, but you might like berries or holly for something more traditional.
  • Pine cones – You could even dip these in glitter!
  • Cinnamon sticks – You can purchase these online at amazon for nothing, or pick up in local health stores. You could substitute these for dried slices oranges if you’d like too.
  • Mini coconuts – Again amazon or flower markets will have these for not much money at all


  • Cut your floral oasis to size. This doesn’t have to be perfect and can be done with a sharp kitchen knife! If you’re doing this with kids, this step is one for the adults to handle! Once cut, place the oasis in a bowl of water and allow it to sink to the bottom.
  • Do this for all or your vases, dependant on how many you are doing. Once fully soaked place in your vase.


  • Create a ring/fan like shape with your base layer foliage pushing it into the oasis to hold its place.
  • Keep some of this behind (around 3 sprigs) to finish the arrangement after the next step.


  • Add your mixed foliage and leaves. Go for an odd number to keep it random and fresh! Once you’ve added this fill the arrangement out with the left over base foliage.


  • Time to prep your baubles and cinnamon! This is super easy to do.
  • First cut your wooden sticks to about 20cm. Remove the hanging attachment on the bauble, this should just slide off and leave you with a hole.
  • Then insert your craft stick and secure with glue if you wish. With the cinnamon, simply push the stick into one side and it’s ready.
  • Finally add the cinnamon to your arrangement and save the baubles aside.


  • Cut your wire to about 30cm long strips.
  • Take your pine cones and take the wire in and around the bottom or the cone then twist to secure.
  • With the coconut, take the wire through the split and twist several times to secure. You may wish to cut the wire down depending on how high your vase is.


  • The final step to your table creation is as simple as adding your pine cones, baubles and coconuts and your done! Beautiful table decorations without the fuss and without the need for a huge budget.


  • To finish the look, why not create some easy napkin ties for to co-ordinate with your arrangements. You can even add a brown paper tag to these with your guests name on. Follow the three easy steps below to create yours.

Enjoy making your table wonderful and most of all have a great Christmas


  • At 81Events we feel privileged to work with extraordinary people and professionals. Founder & Visionary , Ronny Colbie is a truly floral creator and we are over the moon that he agreed to share his amazing tips with us to make a very Special & Stylish Christmas….
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