Food Trends 2018: bySpaceStilo @81Events

We are now so close to end of the year 2017, a year of global changes, economical and political ups & downs that have had a direct impact on what we are going to eat in celebrations, special events or just partying.
These are the most important points that I would like you to take into consideration when you are planning the food for a private or corporate event in 2018:

  1. Transparency: what is it that we are eating and, most importantly, where is it coming from? This is something that our Head Chef, Wayne Purnell, really believes in, the main ingredients have to come from reliable sources that we can share with our clients.
  2. Healthier options: As more clients find modern life to be hectic and stressful, flexible and balanced menus will become more “normal”.
    New Textures: it’s not just about colours and combinations, it’s the latest tool to engage the senses and deliver share-worthy experiences. Try to theme a party or corporate event using this trend to ‘WOW’ your guests.
  3. The Science Kitchen: Technology is being used to engineer solutions for our stretched global food supply (Mintel, Global Food & Drink Report 2018) New textures, new smells, new types of foods presented in various ways to achieve the memorable element in your event.
  4. Get personal: try to know your guests better, ask for specifics, what they like and what they don’t like. If you can add signs or even a personal menu that will have a high impact, go for it, the personal touch is always a winner.
  5. The ultimate street food experience: The Indian Twist and Cool Japanese. We absolutely love and recommend this trend. Why not trying Indian Street Food with all your senses? This should happen before!!! Forget heavy sauces, it is all about delicate textures like scallops smoked and grilled. The cool Japanese experience has little to do with sushi, (the next thing is the turn of the indulgent end??????) An Izkaya Bar, is something to consider for your private or corporate event, lots of “tapas” sharing dishes, from yakitori skewered chicken or deep-fried tofu in broth, its full of “good” nutrients in another dimension.
  6. Plant-based Proteins: The demand for healthier trends and for higher protein food continues. But even more so, alternatives to meat protein are giving a big buzz to pulses, shoots, cereals, grains, seeds (careful with soy) and from the ocean, algae is the one to watch!. Catering for sports and corporate events may see more and more of these options included within menus.
  7. The Fourth Meal: more and more, we are having events to cover the fourth meal. Brunch, Afternoon tea or after work-out meals. Our lives are ridiculously busy, therefore food and events have to adapt to these changes. Recently , following again the trend of healthier menus, a hybrid like Yoga Birthday celebration with pure drink energizers at 11.30am could become more popular. At times, they can include alcoholic cocktails for those “new times” and are ideal for these occasionsNext trends to explore: Corporate Events 2018.


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