At 81Events we make your day effortless and authentic so that it reflects your story.

What we bring

Attention to detail is our thing. We are known for our thoughtful and considered event design, as well as our laser-sharp focus on guest experience, service, seamless flow, and atmosphere. We are all about the magic you can create when the setting, music, drinks, and vibe are just right. Our process is very collaborative, and we hold our clients’ hands every step of the way, often ending up great friends at the end.

You will guide the theme, the day, and the experience and we’ll deliver to make sure your guests experience all the love and joy of your celebration.

How we do it

There is more to creating a magical wedding than beautiful flowers and table linens, although we absolutely love both. Focus on how you want your guests to feel, and work backward from there. Don’t forget the flow of the day; guests will always remember when they were left standing for too long without anything to drink or without knowing where they were meant to be and when. A great wedding planner will manage that flow without guests even being aware of it.

The Look

We believe design and planning go hand in hand. A well-planned event must be well designed. Our style is timeless elegance infused with individuality and authenticity.

Foodies at heart

Our food is at the centre of our offering. We can wax lyrical about the effect that good quality food has on your guest, that feeling of happiness and relaxation. A sense that is fulfilled beyond language and affects our mood. With 81Events your guests will experience food that they will love.

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